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GoDaddy Redirect Hack

December 20, 2022

6 minutes

Users are redirected to malicious sites upon visiting GoDaddy hosted websites

The Browser in the Browser (BITB) Attack - Lies, Deceit, and CSS

March 30, 2022

11 minutes

A decade old phishing method is making a comeback.

Extensions: Google Chrome's Soft Underbelly (Part 2)

February 07, 2021

10 minutes

Dynamic code analysis of Vimeo Video Downloader reveals major security risks.

Extensions: Google Chrome's Soft Underbelly (Part 1)

January 07, 2021

16 minutes

Chrome extensions have always been a major selling point for the browser. However, some developed them to snoop on everyday users.

Clickjacking Using Iframes: A Case Study

July 12, 2020

9 minutes

I just wanted some food, but it led me to write this blog post.